First Step Engineering, Inc. (FSE) was started in 2001. The company was born to provide engineering services to local and national R&D companies. Since then hundreds of prototypes have been made and numerous products have been developed. We are part of several patents and numerous publications ranging from ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems to medical laser systems and avionics for large commercial jets. We design electronics for the largest aerospace company in the world and we develop prototypes for the 1 man small startup companies. We also work with the National Science Foundation, United States Air Force, and other government entities. Our specialty is to make what others can’t. We are driven by solving problems, thinking outside the box and finding simple solutions to complex problems.

We are experts at electronic design, PCB layout and manufacturing. Everything from high density boards, flex boards, fine pitch BGAs, high speed design to wire bonding of ICs are where we excel. We also assist our customers in design and sales of high performance computer equipment. If you need a workstation we can help!

If you are looking for somebody to help you solve your problems, we will help you take the “First Step”.